3 December 2011

I'm back.

This blog has been somewhat neglected recently, what with its last post being nearly 9 months ago. In these nine months I met “the one” and watched as a I realised everything was now different. Better, obviously, but I mean more that my outlook on, and understanding of, the world has shifted.
In this time my professional life has also evolved. I’ve become increasing exposed to “code” through working with databases to make sense of information. In essence I have returned to the work I made at University with Kiki Claxton, but rather than working with people I have been working with text and numbers – in essence both un-encoded ‘bits’ of data in the modern computer age.
Its taken this long to feel that I have something to say again, enough jumped up certainty to think I could comment on something again. Between these two developments my understanding has shifted but my core interests have remained, namely the connection between Society, Digital Technology, the Young the Now and the Next
I have in this time become more political then ever before but yet with a complete detachment from the political processes. I am, like much of my contemporaries driven by a desire to make the world better. However unlike the “sit down brigade” of recidivists I am full of optimism. What I think few realise is the change is happening, you just have to look away from government to see it.
In the coming weeks I hope to update this blog more regularly like before, and share my thoughts and opinions on the NOW, looking initially at how I feel the recidivist young not only have it wrong, but are distracting some of the most tenacious and capable of the young and the future.  

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