Who I am and What I do

Personal Info:
My name is Harry Major.
I was born (9th May 1988) and raised in London (UK) and presently live in Melbourne (Australia). I have a moustache and a nose ring. I am certainly considered by many to be a Hipster.

I attended public school in London on an academic Scholarship. My parents are first generation higher education graduates who met at Art School in Birmingham. I studied a foundation Diploma at London College of Communication (part of the University of the Arts London) specialising in animation. I then did a BA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art> (also part of UAL) where I had a collaborative post-studio practise with my friend and a great mind Kiki Claxton. We set up a number of initiatives to improve the provision of education on the course and gave them a means to exist without us and without the University bureaucracy. Some of these systems continue to this day. You can see the details of one HERE. I have done collaborative work with Department 21, SALT, Francis Brady and more. I realised that art wasn’t my bag, I haven’t produced any “work” since graduating.

This is a link to my current C.V. last updated early Feb 2012
I have, since graduating, worked soley within the Bicycle Industry. I have worked in London and now in Melbourne. I have done work with Red Bull and received a fridge and their drinks for it. I have created adverts for numerous bicycle publications across Europe, visited international Trade shows and been responsible for sponsoring riders such as The 5th Floor. I am currently working part time shop floor work at The Fitzroy Revolution in Melbourne and riding a lot more than ever before ☺.
I do not receive money or goods for anything to do with this blog. I run it in my spare time and write only about things I am interested in.

Interests / Conflicts
I have maintained a research interest in the cultural impact of technological developments, in the concept of newness and in how to bring lessons for the digital world into the physical and analogue world. I love bikes and cycling, cocktails, coffee, food, computer games, fashion, the ballet and many more things. I love the internet and the new way of thinking it has brought. I broadly believe in Jeff Jarvis’ ideas outlined in his book “WWGD” and on his blog Buzzmachine and believe the bicycle industry would benefit from his rules of good business. I do however choose to respect the secrets and privacy of my employers (past and present) and will not on this blog divulge information that these companies have not already made public. These responsibilities will not prevent me from honestly expressing opinions or asking questions.