28 March 2011

The Rise of the Trans-Disciplinary Cultural producer

Postmodernism died, and now we exist in a twilight that is both almost indistinguishable from Postmodern forms and ideologies and simultaneously non-relativistic, driven by moral conceptions of right. Perhaps this new cultural phenomenon is too young to accurately characterise in any full sense; as Bourriaud proved with his book Altermodern, yet there are certain aspects of this new cultural regime that are transparent and clear.

27 March 2011

Spin off

I've decided to launch a second blog for pictures. Of late I've been posting more and more on here, and its begun to clutter things and obscure other things. Plus I like images alot at the moment, and so felt the need to collate them, publicly.

Click the picture below to head over to the picture site....

23 March 2011

Dachau Leisure Centre: Teaser

I am currently in the process of creating a book. I guess its a bit of an art book, just without art in it. Heres a bit about it:

Things have always changed in to other things. However it wasn’t until the eighties that this notion became ideology. The supposed relativism of the postmodern age instead masked a definitive position on culture. It was this latent paradox that ultimately spelt the death of the movement. However in its wake a new  cultural form has come to light, one that holds similar values of recycling and transformation at its core and all expressed through trans-local and trans-disciplinary enquiry; whats missing is any sense of “right” outside of a context of “cool”.

This entity is intended to exist as a non-narrative exploration of this question of the change of use of objects and ideas in the contemporary moment; to question how culture interacts with time, and how we haunt our own existence through temporally non-delineated visions of the past and future simultaneously.

This object is intended to act like a bad group exhibition; A collection of works in tenuous and uncategorised connection to one another attempt to plot an understanding of something too big to deal with in an encompassing way. It will enact what it intends to critique and ultimately place emphasis on your subjectivity to accumulate meaning.

8 March 2011

Todays question.

If one is totaly convinced this reality will presently be superceeded by a new and more brilliant one, than how does one reconcile themselves to existing within this reality?

4 March 2011

Fuck you O2 broadband.

So I know I haven't posted on here much lately, its not that I have wondered off into another land. I'm writing a killer piece, but its taking for ever. So instead I thought I'd reward your readership with a pointless account of O2 (whom provide my mediocre internet service) who recently told me they were putting up their prices. I wasn't very happy, so I wrote them an email, which they didn't reply to, despite saying they reply to all emails in 8 days (its been 14). Heres what I sent, you can read it if you care.

"To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you with regard to en email I received yesterday announcing the rise of your broadband packages because “Internet use has changed dramatically over the last few years and this is likely to continue.” By this “change” do you mean that the cost of bandwidth is continuing to fall exponentially, and that bandwidth is the most exciting pricing decrease in all technological advancement at the moment (Chris Anderson, “Free, the future of a radical price”). Or do you mean that your customer base has expanded so that in all likely hood you are receiving greater discounts from the Tier 1 ISPs?
Maybe I’m a retard, but I can’t find a single reason why you would need to raise the price at all. Even if internet usage from individual users was doubling every year that would only mean prices have to stay the same – which maybe explains why you don’t halve your prices every year.

In any case the lack of transparency or stated reasons for your price rise, along with the near certainty that this is just a profit growing exercise makes me feel I am going to have to begin to look for a new supplier, and switch my ISP – despite the fact that until now everything has been pretty rosey with your service. And if this means taking my mobile phone plan to someone else as well then so be it.

How could you rectify this?
How about treating your customers with a little bit of respect, and  thinking they may have read one or two books or a blog or two in their life, and palming us off with price rises based on pathetic vague statements that actually say nothing is frankly insulting. 

Best wishes and I hope that your opaque business practise continues to serve you super well in the future,


I know, what a pretentious fuck wit. I was kind of hoping to be told I was wrong. No such luck.