2 December 2010

Breakdance Party

This week I found myself at the UAL student union in Holborn long after dark had engulfed the area. Having successfully evaded security’s questions over whether or not I was actually a student I entered a room full of people that looked like a cross between a film set and a beasties boys concert in the 80s.
It was a “break dance” party.
Whatever that is I am not quite sure, but it was less like:

and more like:

but where everyone was dressed more like:

Okay, maybe not quite like that, but any opportunity, right?

But what this mind boggaling event made think, was how strong is the relationship between ‘cool’ and Irony? There is no doubt in my mind that since the 80s notions of cool have been linked to ironic recyclings of more mainstream / past / ‘lame’ cultures, and that this practise is probably now more prevalent than ever. Those so called Shoreditch looks that go on to inspire high street fashion megaliths are located in so many times and localities that a single influence is impossible to pin down. The important point it would seem is that its not really what you wear, but the Ironic nature with which you wear it.
For those rubbish LCC students that like to attend break-dancing parties in SU’s; I am sorry.

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